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Rabbit Jewelry Co

 My name is Peter Marek, I am the creator of Rabbit Jewelry Co. I am passionate about merging fine jewelry with abstract jewelry art. I am a one man operation, so every piece you buy from me supports my family and allows me to pursue a life as an artist. 

I found jewelry after studying photojournalism in college. After graduating and working for a newspaper, I began wire wrapping - inspired by live music and festivals. Through wire wrapping, I found fabricated jewelry and attended New Approach School for Jewelers in 2017.  It is through this company that I am able to pursue my passion and create unique art for my clients. My passion for jewelry is always expanding and I am always learning new skills such as hand fabrication, hand engraving, digital sculpting, and stone setting.

Wondering where Rabbit Jewelry comes from? I was born on Easter, and my grandmother suggested that my parents name me Peter, after Peter Rabbit. So hop on over to the shop and have a look!

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