The Mysterious Conch Pearl

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The Conch Pearl is Among the rarest and most expensive type of pearls in the world, conch pearls are in demand once again thanks to the resurgence in popularity of natural pearls of all varieties.

A conch pearl is a calcareous concretion produced by the Queen which is a large, edible sea snail. Most often pink in color and normally oval shaped.

Queen conches live among beds of sea grass in the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean, from the Yucatán all the way up to Bermuda.

Just like gemstones, which are more valuable if they are sold in their natural, untreated state, the exclusivity of conch pearls is partly down to the fact that they are 100% as nature intended.

The finest examples of conch pearls display a wave-like “flame” structure on their surface and have a creamy, porcelain-like appearance.

*The Diamond yearly production in 2019 was 142,000,000 carats. Conch pearls discovery roughly 30,000 carats per year.

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