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Inside The Neolithic Mind : Consciousness, Cosm...

Very interesting presentation on an fascinating topic. Recently I read another point of view on the origin of relition and our species: -of-love.pdf Lets not forget that in the neolithic , small scales human socieites were not patriarchal but matriarchal with the main goddest of fertility. Things went very bad when a bunch of animal breeder with metal weapon destroyed all these early forms and then changed all the religions to mostly patriarchal deities aways from nature. I personally think that our first religion was a first form of female leadership based on love and dansing singing practice. (See singing neanderthal) This new way to unite the tribe is our first art, language,religion. Religion is basically what generate our species. Through this singing dancing practice we gradually learned to use what mammal partially used in play and dreams: the mammalian imagination which is way to learn through self-enactment. Mammals can only use this in dreams and plays, the dancing singing practice has gradually allow this self-enactment capacity to be under conscious controled and so we through this cultural religion practice found the way to our full fledge humanity. What differentiate us from our ancestor is this shift from biological evolution to cultural evolution. Mammalian evolution was heading all along in this direction by being driven by evolution of learning from experience through self-enactment. This has led to the creation in our primate ancestor to a full fledge self-enactment (theory of mind) capacity. LIke the bonobos, the homonins evolution have been driven by a right brain hemisphere of female leadership. The switch to male leadership is what lead us out of nature and to the destruction of this planet.

Inside the neolithic mind : consciousness, cosm...

The history of witchcraft is complex, and often raises more questions than it answers. Where did witches come from? And did they always arrive on broomsticks? We asked Professor Diane Purkiss to take us inside the minds of ordinary people and intellectuals in medieval and early modern England to reveal how the figure of the witch was born. 041b061a72


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