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Prem Kaa Game Movie In Hindi

Prem Kaa Game Movie In Hindi - A Review

Prem Kaa Game (The game of love) is a 2010 Bollywood romantic comedy film produced and directed by Ashok Kheny. The movie is a remake of the 2004 Kannada film Bisi Bisi, which was loosely based on the 1955 Hollywood classic The Seven Year Itch. The movie features Arbaaz Khan as Prem, a married man who falls for his attractive neighbor Twinkle (Madhuri Bhattacharya), while his wife Sheetal (Tara Sharma) and daughter Pinky (Shriya Sharma) are away. Salman Khan appears in the movie as a narrator and also as Prem's dream girl in a cameo role.



The movie revolves around the dilemma of Prem, who is bored with his monotonous married life and wants to have some fun. He gets attracted to Twinkle, a young model who moves into his apartment complex. Twinkle also shows interest in Prem and tries to seduce him. Prem tries to resist her advances but also enjoys her attention. He starts imagining himself in various romantic situations with Twinkle, while also feeling guilty about cheating on his wife. He also faces trouble from his nosy landlord Ramnik Chedda (Johnny Lever), his friend and colleague Nikhil (Sameer Kochhar), and his boss Lalwani (Razzak Khan), who all have their own agendas. Will Prem succumb to his temptation or will he remain faithful to his wife? Will he be able to handle the consequences of his actions? Watch the movie to find out.




Arbaaz Khan

Prem Sahni

Tara Sharma

Sheetal Sahni

Madhuri Bhattacharya

Twinkle Chopra

Salman Khan

Jaggu (narrator) / The Dream Girl

Johnny Lever

Ramnik Chedda

Rakesh Bedi

Roop Chand Rathod

Razzak Khan


Sameer Kochhar



The music of the movie is composed by Raju Singh and the lyrics are written by Kiran Kotrial. The movie has seven songs, sung by various singers like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Javed Ali, Shreya Ghoshal and Vishal Dadlani. The songs are as follows:

  • Prem Ka Game - Nishant Pandey

  • I Wanna Fall Fall In Love - Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan

  • Tum Hi Mere - Javed Ali

  • Duniya Se Jo Chaaha - Sunidhi Chauhan

  • Zabardast - Sonu Nigam, Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan

  • Magar Kuch To Hai - Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal

  • Khan Kaa Gyaan - Salman Khan


Here are some interesting facts about the movie:

  • The movie was initially titled Shaadi Ke After Effects and was supposed to be directed by Indrajit Lankesh. However, due to some differences, the project was taken over by Ashok Kheny, who changed the title and the director.

  • The movie is a remake of the 2004 Kannada film Bisi Bisi, which starred Ramesh Aravind, Anu Prabhakar and Madhuri Bhattacharya. Madhuri reprised her role of Twinkle in the Hindi version as well.

  • The movie is also inspired by the 1955 Hollywood film The Seven Year Itch, which starred Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. The famous scene where Monroe's dress flies up due to a subway vent is recreated in the movie with Madhuri Bhattacharya.

  • Salman Khan, who is Arbaaz Khan's elder brother, agreed to do a cameo role in the movie as a favor to him. He also lent his voice as the narrator and sang a song called Khan Kaa Gyaan.

  • Malaika Arora, who is Arbaaz Khan's wife, also made a special appearance in the movie as Prem's dream girl. She is seen dancing with Salman Khan in a song sequence.

I hope this article helps you to write your own review of Prem Kaa Game Movie In Hindi. You can also watch the movie online or download it from various sources.


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