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[S3E2] The Winter Line

Maeve has to endure yet another simulation before she and Lee can confuse the system again into a mega glitch. At this last mega glitch, she opens a door to the real world, finds her own brain is in the actual, real world and somehow programs a robot in the real world to rescue her brain from the liquid chamber where it is suspended. As Maeve is forced to endure yet another War World storyline, the robot snatches her consciousness and she ceases to exist in War World.

[S3E2] The Winter Line

She declines, grabs a knife off the table and tries to stick it in his face. He presses a remote control and brings her offline. Next time she is awake, he says, he will be sure their interests are aligned.

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On Rotten Tomatoes, the episode has a 89% approval rating with an average score of 7.06/10, from 19 reviews. The site's critical consensus reads: "In 'The Winter Line', Westworld's muddled timelines start to surface, but by continuing to put character development center stage the episode avoids confusion and takes Maeve and Bernard on an exciting new journey."[4]

Maeve hacked a robot and commanded it to retrieve her synthetic brain module from a lab where time moves more slowly (this show!) but the surrogate was gunned down by Delos heavies. Nevertheless, she later (if the apparent timelines are to be trusted) awoke in what looked like a high-end hipster co-working spot, where she met her liberator/kidnapper, Serac, who is played by Vincent Cassel.

After Dolores survives the attack by Dempsey's henchmen, led by his head of security, Martin Connells, a replica Connells walks over and finishes the job. If I had to bet, I would guess this is Teddy. The biggest clue? When the Connells-Bot says to Delores, "You're hurt, badly." I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure that's a line Teddy said to Dolores in Season 2.

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Now the show Westworld is famous for playing with timelines and mixing up when things are exactly taking place. But if we are in 2058 only months after the Westworld massacre it seems odd that any Delos park would be up and running full steam. And if that doubt didn't cross your mind, perhaps when Hector and Maeve get caught and she can't control the other hosts you realized that something was off.

But there is another albeit subtle nod to Jurassic Park which was written by Michael Crichton who wrote the original Westworld. In Jurassic Park the company InGen is located 120 miles off of Costa Rica. So is Dan selling a Drogon host to InGen? Obviously the timelines don't match up, but it's fun to ponder the Crichton Universe.

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