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Urdu Zaban Ki Tareekh Pdf Free

Urdu Zaban Ki Tareekh Pdf Free

Urdu is a language that has a rich and diverse history. It is the official language of Pakistan and one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. It is also spoken by millions of people in other countries, such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, USA, and Canada. Urdu is a member of the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. It is closely related to Hindi, but has a distinct script, vocabulary, and literary tradition.


Urdu zaban ki tareekh (history of Urdu language) is a fascinating topic that covers the origins, development, and evolution of Urdu over the centuries. There are many books and articles that explore this subject in detail, but some of them are not easily accessible or affordable for the general public. Therefore, some people may be interested in finding free PDF versions of these books online. In this article, we will provide some links and information about some of the best sources for Urdu zaban ki tareekh PDF free.


Rekhta is a website that aims to promote and preserve the Urdu language and literature. It offers a vast collection of Urdu books, poetry, prose, dictionaries, and audio-visual content. It also has a section for ebooks, where users can download or read online hundreds of Urdu books for free. One of these books is urdu zaban ki tareekh by Mirza Khalil Ahmad Beg, which was published in 1995 by Alfaz Educational Book House in Aligarh. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the history of Urdu language from its origins to the present day. It covers various aspects such as the linguistic features, literary genres, social and cultural influences, and prominent writers and poets of Urdu.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that provides free access to millions of books, movies, music, websites, and more. It also has a collection of NCERT textbooks, which are the official textbooks used by students in India. One of these textbooks is 'Zuban-O-Adab ki Tareekh' NCERT Class 13 Urdu, which was published in 2017 by National Council of Educational Research and Training in New Delhi. This textbook covers the history of Urdu language and literature from the medieval period to the modern era. It discusses various topics such as the origin and development of Urdu script, the role of Persian and Arabic languages in shaping Urdu, the emergence and evolution of different literary forms and styles in Urdu, and the contribution of various regions and personalities to Urdu literature.

Tareekh e Zaban o Adab e Urdu - Sagheer Ahmad Jaan

Tareekh e Zaban o Adab e Urdu - Sagheer Ahmad Jaan is another book that deals with the history of Urdu language and literature. It was written by Sagheer Ahmad Jaan, who was a professor of Urdu at Aligarh Muslim University. This book was published in 2009 by Maktaba Jamia Ltd. in New Delhi. This book provides a detailed and chronological account of the origin, growth, and development of Urdu language and literature from the pre-Islamic period to the 20th century. It covers various topics such as the historical background of Urdu, the influence of Sanskrit, Prakrit, Apabhramsha, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, English, and other languages on Urdu, the formation and expansion of Urdu vocabulary and grammar, the emergence and diversity of Urdu dialects and regional variations, the development and classification of Urdu literature into different periods and genres, and the biographical sketches and literary works of major Urdu writers and poets.

We hope that this article has provided some useful information and links for those who are looking for Urdu zaban ki tareekh PDF free. These books are valuable resources for anyone who wants to learn more about the history and richness of Urdu language and literature.


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