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Speculators and traders who have short positions in a stock will face heavy losses if the stock undergoes a short squeeze. Contrarian investors who have built up long positions in the stock in anticipation of a short squeeze will benefit as the stock price climbs.


For example, if input is of shape:(A1BC1D)(A \times 1 \times B \times C \times 1 \times D)(A1BC1D) then the input.squeeze()will be of shape: (ABCD)(A \times B \times C \times D)(ABCD).

When dim is given, a squeeze operation is done only in the givendimension(s). If input is of shape: (A1B)(A \times 1 \times B)(A1B),squeeze(input, 0) leaves the tensor unchanged, but squeeze(input, 1)will squeeze the tensor to the shape (AB)(A \times B)(AB).

Once the email is collected, it is typically added to an email list in which marketing automation can be used to send targeted, autoresponder emails to the prospect, aimed at eventually converting them into a customer. Unscrupulous marketers may also sell lists of their email subscribers or use the lists that they acquire through squeeze pages to market affiliate products.

Marketers employ a number of strategies for improving conversions on a squeeze page. Many of these are borrowed from direct response marketing, such as the use of eye-catching design, actionable headlines and clearly stated benefits for signing up.

Exit pop-ups, which appear when users try to navigate away from the page, are another tactic that marketers often use to keep users on the squeeze page. The exit pop-up often presents an even more lucrative, time-sensitive offer in order to get users to provide their email address.

Variations in page format, headlines, designs and calls-to-action will resonate differently with different audiences. You can develop any number of hypotheses about how to boost conversion to make a great squeeze page.

Materials and methods: This single center, prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled trial recruited 200 consenting participants who were ambulatory, outpatient males who had undergone prior cystoscopy and were not expected to require any secondary procedures. Men with prior urethral stricture or bladder neck contracture were excluded from study. Once eligibility was assessed and consent obtained, participants were randomized to undergo cystoscopy with the bag squeeze (group A) or the sham bag squeeze procedure (group B). Following cystoscopy, participants completed a pain questionnaire (visual analogue scale). Differences in mean pain score between groups were evaluated using Students' t-test with a 2-sided alpha of 0.05.

Results: A total of 200 patients were randomized and underwent flexible cystoscopy. Ten participants were ineligible because they required secondary procedures. Among the 190 eligible patients 97 were randomized to bag squeeze (group A) and 93 to sham bag squeeze (group B) with mean pain scores of 1.91 and 3.39, respectively (p

Conclusions: This study demonstrated a clinically meaningful decrease in pain for men undergoing flexible cystoscopy when the irrigation bag squeeze technique was used vs placebo bag squeeze. Accordingly, this useful, simple and free method to improve patient comfort during flexible cystoscopy should be adopted by clinicians. 041b061a72


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