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Red Bull X Fighters PSN

Red Bull X-Fighters was a freestyle motocross motorbike stunt competition organized by Red Bull from 2001 to 2017. It was the most popular freestyle motocross event in the world, with a 15-year plus history and more than 50 past events on six continents. The riders are invited to compete head-to-head through a series of knockout rounds in bullrings and famous locations and sites.

Red Bull X Fighters PSN

X-Fighters was founded in 2001, and became the most famous freestyle motocross event series in the world. The Plaza de Toros de Valencia in Spain was where it began, being the first venue to host the competition. A 12,000 person crowd was recorded, with American 'Mad' Mike Jones taking out the inaugural event, and the host nations very own Edgar Torronteras coming second and French rider, Xavier Fabre coming third respectively. After the impact made in 2001, Red Bull X-Fighters returned for a second time. Moving from the bullring in Valencia to Madrid's Las Ventas. The crowd had almost doubled in size from the previous year, with the arena to a full capacity of nearly 20,000. It was another close series of head-to-heads between riders like Mike Metzger and the previous year's champion, Mike Jones. But it was Spain's Edgar Torronteras, that won the event and took the trophy that season.[1] Firmly securing X-Fighters foothold as one of the major events in FMX history and Europe's biggest FMX event.[2]

2003 was to bring about some major developments to the event. It introduced the line up of events to increase from one to two that year with both Valencia and Madrid staging competitions in their bullrings. But Red Bull X-Fighters and the entire sport of FMX witnessed one of its first major tricks. At Las Ventas in Madrid, a new rider to the competition, the 18-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, Nate Adams created freestyle motocross history after performing the first ever back flip at the event.[3]

The riders then returned to compete in the bullring of Madrid for the only X-Fighters event of 2004. Having a major impact on the pace of progression in the sport that year that the back flip had gone from what most people didn't think was possible to an almost standard feature in most riders runs. Riders were not only performing back flips with ease, they were laying down back flip combinations.[3] Joining the event was a new face on the Red Bull X-Fighters scene, the well-known Travis Pastrana. It saw him and Adams stage the first of their head-to-head battles, going all in a battle against each other and pulling off spectacular 360's in front of huge crowds. Pastrana took first and Adams second. Ronnie Renner did his first competitive backflip in Madrid that year.[1] The following year, after continuous success in Spain, X-Fighters staged its first event outside of Europe. Bringing the riders in FMX to compete at the biggest bullring on the planet, the Plaza de Toros México in Mexico City. The growing popularity of the sport was proved by the capacity crowd of over 40,000 fans. Once again the riders proved why FMX was becoming one of the most incredible spectator sports in the world by putting on another massive watched competition that was eventually won by Ronnie Renner. After Mexico, Madrid hosted yet another event, which Nate Adams won. Lastly, in 2006, Mexico City and Madrid were to repeat the following year and host the last two events before the World Tour format began.[2]

In 2007, X-Fighters was becoming a global phenomenon. But the year had a special significance as X-Fighters moved from the exclusive bullring locations into new inspirational arenas. It reached double figures, celebrating its tenth competition in Mexico City.[4] But it was the next stop that was a new direction for the event. Instead of the bullrings that housed every event so far, Red Bull X-Fighters instead built a very different course. Against a backdrop of historic Slane Castle in Ireland. This stunning setting had previously played host to the likes of the Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Guns N' Roses; although the conditions were wet as rain fell heavily in Slane Castle, dampening most riders ability to really take on the course. But there was one rider that refused to be compromised and displayed the pure pioneer spirit, coming first in the event, Travis Pastrana.[5] After Ireland, the newly world tour ended and rounded off in a return to Madrid. Pastrana again proving he was one of the greatest riders after he rode to yet his second consecutive win that season.[6]

After eight spectacular years of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, 2016 concentrated on one season highlight event at the legendary Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid on June 24. The Red Bull X-Fighters stop in Madrid marked the 15th straight year that the famous bullring hosted the event of Freestyle Motocross, where the world's best riders have been showcasing new and exciting tricks since 2002.[17] France's Tom Pagès became the first rider in history to win Madrid three consecutive times with his stirring victory in 2015 in front of another sold-out house of 23,000 spectators. Travis Pastrana of the USA had also won Madrid three times but not consecutively while Spanish rider Dany Torres had won the most important stop of the season twice.[18]

It was Tom Pagès who carved his name into the record books with a spectacular fourth straight Red Bull X-Fighters win in Madrid, the spiritual home of freestyle motocross that celebrated its 15th anniversary in style in front of a full house. At the Las Ventas bullring Pagès treated the crowd to his new Front Flip Flair, the first time ever the trick was performed in competition. In an epic three-way battle featuring the world's best FMX riders, Clinton Moore, the 2015 World Tour champion, came in a close second after a flawless run in the final with his Bundy jump recorded to be 14 meters high by a new Intel high-tech device. Josh Sheehan had to settle for third despite nailing his signature double back flip. Levi Sherwood of New Zealand finished fourth on an unforgettable night at the FMX extravaganza in the Spanish capital.[19]

Red Bull X-Fighters released their very own Wall of Fame in a video about the history of the competition.[2] There also is a Hall of Fame. There are only 9 Freestyle Motocross riders in the sport's most exclusive club. It is reserved only to the winners of Madrid, the most important FMX stop each year since the inaugural event in 2002. The Hall of Fame in Madrid features plaques hanging on the walls with the names, Spanish nicknames, and portraits of each year's winner, framed in the style of famous bullfighters who have also graced the grounds of the Las Ventas bullring. The Hall of Fame starts with Edgar Torronteras (2002, "E.T."), Kenny Bartram (2003, "El Cowboy"), Travis Pastrana (2004/06/07, "El Prodigioso"), Nate Adams (2005, "El Destroyer"), Mat Rebeaud (2008, "Air Mat"), Dany Torres (2009/11, "El Pajarillo"), Robbie Maddison (2010, "Mad Dog"), Levi Sherwood (2012/17 "El Chico de Goma") and Thomas Pagès (2013/14/15/16, "Mr Flair").[21]

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