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Nahjul Israr In Urdu Pdf 15golkes

Nahjul Israr: A Collection of Khutbas, Speeches and Acts of Hazrat Imam Ali

Nahjul Israr is a book written by Sultan-ul-Ulema Maulvi Syed Ghulam Husain Raza, a scholar and mujtahid from Pakistan. The book is divided into two volumes and contains the khutbas, speeches and acts of Hazrat Imam Ali that were not included in Nahjul Balagha, a famous compilation by Syed Razi. Nahjul Israr also contains some of the remarkable judicial verdicts given by Hazrat Imam Ali during his lifetime.

Download Zip:

The book is written in Urdu and is available in PDF format for free download. The book is a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for the followers of Hazrat Imam Ali, who was the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the first Imam of Shia Muslims. Hazrat Imam Ali was known for his wisdom, eloquence, courage, justice and piety.

The book can be downloaded from the following links:

The book is also available in print form from various publishers and bookstores.


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