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i still have a lot of vst plug-ins i want to use, and although i've been using sonar 2 quite a lot recently, i've also got a few extras that haven't worked well with it. i've been looking at sonar 3 for some time and it's a big step forward; the plug-in suites are much better integrated, and the plug-in categories make it easy to find what you're looking for. the editor is a lot easier to use than sonar's; that said, i still had a few quirks to work out. i found some vst plug-ins didn't work in sonar 3, and i still found some areas where the wysiwyg editor was a little lacking (for example, there was no way of annotating the display to indicate the area in which the plug-in would function).

SONAR X2 producer crack download torrent 2012

but those quibbles are minor in the big scheme of things, and i have yet to hear any plug-ins that i couldn't use. in the meantime, vsts have evolved enormously, and although i'm still stuck using the legacy plugins i'm familiar with, i have vsts that are just as good if not better in almost all cases. and as far as the api is concerned, sonar 3 is now a much more stable platform than sonar 2 and will remain so for a long time. when sonar 3.1 comes out i can finally use the new vst compatibility pack without fear of bricking my machine.

the next time i go to a dance or party, i will be able to just pick up my laptop and play all of my edm, house, techno, electro, etc. there's a whole category of music and effects to add to my arsenal if i am not satisfied with the analog synths i currently have. the only thing that has held me back is that i don't know of any vsts that will work on sonar, and i'm sure that would change if someone would make a compatible plug-in.


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