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GTA Vice City Punjab: A Complete Guide to Download, Install, and Play with Serial Number

the city is divided into three city districts: vice city, which is the main city; alderney, which is a suburb of the city; and port b., which is a military base. the majority of the game takes place on the vice city district. there is a single plot of land, known as the "island", which is surrounded by water. the "island" is divided into three island neighborhoods: vice point, which is the main island; port b., which is a military base; and the new san anselmo sector, which is a new suburb of the city. from the beginning of the game, the player can choose which island to start on. there are three missions that must be completed before the player can continue with the story. these are: the embassy job, which is a heist mission in which the player must steal a file from the cuban embassy and get it to the player's "safehouse"; the first aid mission, which is a heist mission in which the player must steal a truck and deliver medical supplies to a hospital; and the cargo ship mission, which is a heist mission in which the player must steal the pelican and a container of cocaine from the back of a ship and deliver the cargo to the player's "safehouse". the player can complete these missions in any order they want, but it is recommended that the player complete the first aid mission first, as it will give the player money to help buy medical supplies, whereas the cargo ship mission does not provide much money.

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the player may customize the character by purchasing new clothes and accessories at the mall. in addition, there are various weapons available for the player to purchase at a weapon shop. unlike in the first two games, where the weapons were acquired at gun shops, in vice city, the player has to go to the gun shop for the weapons. there are 18 weapons available: 9-millimeter handguns (e.g. the luger, the hi-power, the browning hi-power, the c9, the derringer, the taurus.380, the bersa.380, the p7, and the galil) and 9-millimeter revolvers (e.


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